Customs Register of Trademarks

Unfortunately, it is not enough to register a trademark or get a patent to have IP rights protected. When the product is successful in the market competitors may manufacture a similar or identical product and it may become difficult and costly to stop imitators from manufacturing and selling counterfeit goods. It is easier and cheaper to prevent counterfeit goods from entering the market. And Customs measures can be used for this purpose.

IP rights holders may file an application for including their trademarks in the Customs Register of Belarus. If the Customs bodies accept the application and include the trademark in the Customs Register they take measures to protect IP rights. First, they detain goods thought to be counterfeit and notify the rights holder. Then, if the Customs bodies determine that the suspected goods are infringing, they take proper measures including confiscation. Also, infringing goods may be destroyed by Customs. Another option – the rights holder may take court actions after having inspected the suspected goods.  


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